Frequent Asked Questions

What is an estate sale?

The term estate sale has become more broad in the last few years. Estate sale companies can often assist with downsizing,  moving sales, liquidations, general house clean outs and more.

What do I need to do to prepare for an estate sale?

Don't throw anything away. What you see as junk may be someone else new found treasure. Let us handle everything. 

How does NOCO Estate Sales Ltd. get paid for their services?

We will provide you with a free consultation. We work on a set fee or commission from the net proceeds of the estate sales so the best part is you won't have to pay any money up front or out of pocket. 

What happens if there are personal items such as letters or photos found?

Your Personal items are very important to us. We will safeguard any personal items or photos we may find and and turn them over to whomever is having the sale. 

Who pays the sales tax for the purchases made by the general public?

Some liquidators may charge sales tax per item, but most estates and clients pay all the taxes themselves.

Do I have to have antiques or collectibles to have an estate sale?

No! Household and commercial items are always in demand many people are very excited to purchase these types of items.